We don't need Zoo, Stop animal harassment.

We don't need Zoo, Stop animal harassment.

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How would you feel? If kept in prison for whole your life. Yee, the thought shivers you, that what happens with animals too, when they are captured from their enriching natural environment to put into a 10×10 cage just for the sake of exhibition.

Human has that ability to think, speak, mould various judgements, but this all goes in vain when we cannot respect the co-existing lives. Animals can't speak, but they do feel the pain.

This petition is to offer free environment to the animals kept in zoo, we as humans do not hold the right to intervene in their lives. They have the most important right as we all have " right to live free ".

Zoo that holds animals, are known for the cruelity and not taking care of animals properly. Even if they care they cannot provide the natural climatic conditions required for animals to grow / enhance.

I urge people to sign this petition , so we can stop making more zoo , and free animals from the old ones that exists. Let them live where they belong.