Donald Trump passed a law that it is legal to hunt hibernating and endangered bears!

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Donald Trump has passed a law that the previous 2016 ban by the US Fish and Wildlife Service on shooting animals from aircraft, killing bears during hibernation, baiting with food and "denning" (killing wolves, coyotes, and their cubs in their dens), has now been abolished and these monstorous acts are legal again. The previous ban was made to ensure sustainable populations of specifically Alaskan wildlife. After it was introduced, the wolf population in Denali National Park rose from 112 to 127 between 2015 and 2016, clearly showing that it was working towards the previous 200 wolf population average of the park, so why abolish it? The new law applies to more than 76 million acres of national reserves in Alaska, despite the State Law already banning sport hunters from these practices and limiting tactics used by subsistense hunters. The Alaskan state should be allowed to make its own laws regarding it's great wildlife. Please help save the animals of our planet so that future generations will be able to appreciate them too! Trophy hunting must be stopped!