To not burst crackers this Diwali to save animals and the Earth from pollution.

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Today, 24th October 2020, a carpenter came to my house to fix something and started drilling. I was almost in tears after seeing my new puppy tremble with fear after hearing that loud noise.

As we all know dogs, especially, have a strong sense of hearing i.e loud noises really trigger their ears badly. This poor baby got super scared from the noise of drilling that was happening on the other end of the house and I can’t even imagine what he’ll go through when inconsiderate people, forgetting about the pandemic, will go berserk - bursting crackers and create a huge amount of ruckus and pollution on Diwali. 

Dogs even get seriously injured that can cause paralysis, hearing loss, a surgery that costs Lakhs and no one to help and eventually death. 

Even vulnerable humans - My younger brother *had*   a sever sinus condition & the crop burning is enough for him to go through that pain of not being able to breathe without the nebuliser. Why would someone want to risk an innocent person’s life which is already at risk by this wrong practice just for their pleasure and joy. 

Now, the puppy I was talking about, has proper shelter, is under proper surveillance and has five people in the house to comfort him. Can you imagine how torturous it must be for all the poor stray animals on the roads. Diwali is the time to enjoy, celebrate and to spread joy & mithais. This imbecile system of bursting firecrackers was never in our history. 
Let’s stop this wrong practice to save humans from pollution and animals from torture. 

This is the time we need to take advantage of our over populated country where some of us have the privilege to make a change. 
Remember, one promise can save 5 dog lives.