Strongly condemn animal cruelty.

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60-70 dogs have been poisoned, killed in single shot & mass buried yesterday.. This act of cruelty is a violation of all Animal protection laws, animal welfare laws and Supreme court guidelines... I am sharing this with so much pain.. I also advise viewer's discretion about this barbarous act which happened few days before in Haafpeta village of Tenali mandal of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Concerned authorities are sidelining funds allocated for sterilization, vaccination & population control and are resorting to killing which is cheaper, easy with out having any awareness about laws and dangers of mass killings.. I guess the perpetrators of this act are no less than barbarians.. I wish everyone shares this till it reaches the highest authorities in New Delhi, till it is published and reported in every print and digital media nationally & internationally , till all concerned departments in the state and Centre are alerted by this gruesome act.. Please do needful failing which more such acts occur & human atrocities against innocent species continue to increase.