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Stop Misuse Of Tigers In Zoos, i.e Dade City's Wild Things

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I'm aware that not all of the cruel natures of humankind can be destroyed with this article. But I'd like to at least shut down as many as I can, as fast as I can. 

Dade City's Wild Things Zoo offers "photo opportunities" and "hangouts" with their tiger cubs. However, it is not as simple as seeing an animal in their protective habitat. Not at all. 

The process begins with tiger cubs being separated from their mothers, and are unlikely to ever meet their mothers again. Not only that, but any dead cubs are left to be "cleaned up" later on, and are visible to both the mother and the other cubs (not to mention the staff, who seem careless upon regarding the cub). 

The tigers life after this moment is put to shame, cruelly controlled and abused by workers and trainers. They are abused during training sessions, thrown into water as punishment, tigers with neurological defects are forced to swim in the pools despite not being able to keep their heads above the water! This. Is. Cruel. 

Abuse spreads to every tiger cub, with forceful visits ensued and terror/trauma in not only the tigers, but every animal at the zoo (i.e monkeys with visible trauma). 

Once the tigers get too old for visits and photo opportunities, they are locked in tiny wire cages and kept there until who knows how many years! It's unknown if the tigers are ever released, or simply put in cages to die. Their life is now as unimportant to them as it is to the keepers. 

Maybe this article does nothing but bring awareness, I'm OK with that. I'm certain this will not stop all animal cruelty, but like I said, I'm willing to start small.

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