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Beaver are being indiscriminately killed due to inhumane practice of trapping them and allowing them to drown in agony.  This is being done by the Department of Agriculture which has control over forestry in the USA.   There is no environmental study or community discussion being done. 
Suddenly a white warning paper is attached to a tree in a short time later a dead beaver is tossed on a roadside to rot.  We must stop this killing of our natural forest engineers.  Beaver provide habitat for many other animals, birds, reptiles, plants, insects, and organisms as well as help with flood control and drought. 
At the very least they should be under the Fish and Wildlife Dept. not under the Dept of AG which  has only human interests at heart and not the health of a wetland. 
A beaver creates new forest and in a more natural way.  I'm not talking timber here I'm talking forest, part of an ecosystem.  Long term, beaver will come in build a dam, flood an area to only a certain depth and then maintain that wetland created by adding or removing material.  They cut trees and when they have to travel too far they move on and then a new forest is created. 
I'm no biologist just a concerned citizen who believes killing animals just because they are there is WRONG, the policy of the US Dept of AG needs to be changed to include a
1. Environmental Study to show if and why this animal is a nuisance. 
2. Adopt a harmless policy of relocation not killing.  
3. Involve the community in the decision making process. 
The photo Im attaching is a wetland now under the attack of the USDA, they plan to trap and kill the beaver who built this beautiful wetland. Let us all let them know we are NOT okay with that!