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Stop heart sick and gas chamber euthanasia

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     Sick heart by euthanasia is a very barbaric and extremely inhumane way to euthanize a shelter animal. A needle and syringe containing sodium pentobarbital is pounded through the chest wall and severs layers of muscle into the dog or cat heart. Performing this on a shelter animal is extremely difficult because the animal is NOT SEDATED and is constantly moving trying to avoid being viciously killed by the person holding it down.

       It's not uncommon for the shelter worker administering this lethal injection to accidentally miss the animal heart and puncture the lungs instead filling it with fluid. The animal die painfully and are in heavily distressed. 

    Another form of inhumane euthanasia is the gas chamber. Animals are placed in small dark box, one that's sometimes full of smell of the animals who had came before them. Many of whom may have urinated or defecated before falling to their death.

   If the animals are placed together in the chamber, they may begin fighting out of fear and desperation.  For several minutes they may be in the box  terrified, clawing and calling for a way out. They may struggle for air or begin convulsing before finally losing consciousness. If the animal is very young, old, ill, injured or stressed, it can take much longer . In the worst case the animal is still conscious while it's vital organs begin to shut down.

     There's the standard euthanasia injection that's more humane. Although many shelters have moved away from this brutal killing, some still do it. The shelter and it's elected official are the key players that are condoning this horrific way of ending an animal life to save tax dollars.

    Please help me put an end to this barbaric treatment of helpless animals. They're the innocent victims that never asked to be born in the first place but yet are being wiped out of this earth in the most inhumane and horrific way. Let's join together and be a voice for them before millions more fall victims.







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