Stop Glofish from selling Glofish bettas

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Whether they are bred to have fluorescent skin or dyed/injected, glofish are not only unnatural but unethical. Pet stores and Glofish company would like you to believe that these fish are not in harm's way; that they would make a great addition to any aquarium. When you get down to the nuts and bolts of it, these glowing fish are a problem. What is even worse is that the Glofish company is going to be introducing glofish betta fish. It is said that pet stores will be carrying these bettas by the year 2020. Betta fish already deal with a number of problems in the fish hobby. From a number of deformities, bad tail types, to improper treatment. Why add to the shameful list of problems that bettas already have to face in pet stores and homes all around the world? It is unlikely that one will get a betta that is breeding/ show quality from a pet store. Why sell more deformed and genetically screwed up fish? How many more bettas have to go through all of this mistreatment before enough is enough? Encourage Glofish and pet stores NOT to make glofish bettas a reality.