Stop giving out live animals as prizes at the carnival

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At the Lexington Lions carnival, they began giving out fish as prizes so that people would play more, but it is wrong to give out animals without seeing that the people under the age 18 have parent's permission and are responsible. The fish are fed with a stablizer that they give them every two days, and I found this out when I asked them if they fed them well and treated them kindly. They are kept in tied off plastic bags with no oxygen for a whole day and the carnival is full of loud noises and bright lights. It's terrorizing the fish and the carnival is on the verge of breaking several animal protection laws. It's treating a living creature as if it is a prize, which is cruel and insensitive towards the many fish that they give out. Adding to the irresponsiblity is the fact that they ran out of food (that you needed to pay $3 for), even though there was a large amount of fish left. A number of people have complained due to their fish passing away in less than 24 hours. I encourage the Lexington Lions club to refuse to work with this vendor unless less they ban the use of live animals at the carnival.