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Animal cruelty is widespread in other countries and is often times more gruesome than here in the United States. There are seemingly no consequences to the cruelty and is almost a way of life. Countries such as Japan, China, Greece and the Netherlands as well as most of Eastern Europe practices animal torture for entertainment or for no reason at all. Poison, burning, cutting and beating are all techniques used in this torture. When researching the subject I stumbled upon two specific things amongst the many agonizing images that deeply disturbed me. One was a website (google "Adas's sexy boots) for a fetish called "crush fetish" In which an Asian woman puts in booted heels and crushes tiny animals such as bunnies and guinea pigs. Now, if the fetish included a barely legal girl engaing in consentual sex with a barely older man, he would be labeled "sick" or a pervert and something would be done. How is this any less disturbing if not MORE? The other was an image of another Asian woman taking a tiny puppy by the neck with chopsticks and roasting the puppy over a fire ALIVE!! She didnt even have the decency to kill the puppy first. What kind of message does she project about humanity? There is NOTHING ok about this and it needs to be stopped. How a person treats an animal shows a their character without having to say a word. It takes a coward to hurt an innocent animal, and a strong person to fight against it. Please join my strength. I urge you to help stop this animal cruelty in other countries by influencing stricter laws to deter this behavior. There is a reason the U.S. Is the strongest country, and that is because we do not tolerate things like this. We see the importance and value in ALL life. Although there is still cruelty in American I believe our devotion to help these animals needs to expand internationally. Let's make this a global fight for equality rather than a local fight!

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