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Sign this petition to stop the Council disposing of beloved animals on to a tip!

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I'm calling for this petition after experiencing the loss of a beloved family pet and I wanted to put an end to the way in which an animal is disposed of after they have died.

When my beloved and much cherished cat of 3 years was found dead outside a garden near my home, I was told by the woman who found was taken by the Council. When I phoned the Council they claimed that the common protocol for a recovered body of an animal was taken in they froze it for 48 hours until they could relocate it. It later escaped that this was not the case in the instance of my cat who was simply thrown onto a rubbish tip. To make matters worse they lied to me several times on the phone. They first said that the cat would be cremated but after a phone call with my aunty it was revealed that he was just disposed of as general waste. I don't understand why they didn't simply say this in the first place and why they lied about not knowing where my cat was. This only prolonged my worry and upset as I couldn't even find what happened.  The aim of my petition is to stop this misconduct and mistreatment of dead pets and for proper procedure of holding onto animals until finding whether they can reach the owner in 48 hrs. Please sign this petition as it could potentially save future pet owners from the heartache of not being able to bury their pets.

All I wanted was to bring him home where he belonged for a proper burial, not to be treated with such little respect and thrown on to a waste sight. I was shown no compassion or empathy by any of the people who answered the phone to me.

























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