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We have a lot of lives near us roaming homeless, hungry and full of infections and we do not care about them. It's hard to see the people torturing the street dog and cats by firing crackers and other misdeeds. Not only the street dogs but many people torture the pets they have, keeping them chained and most of the time not giving them food they deserve. Also, they are being beaten up on a regular basis just because of their anger, frustration and even on small mistakes done by those adorable creatures.

We love seeing a cute picture with a dog but do we actually keep our pets that way. It's easy to blame the government for this but the fault is within ourselves, we raise our kids' teaching and miscreating the images of dogs as dangerous animals. Knowing that there is no other animal more adorable and pleasing then them.

It's high time now we all need to initiate a plan to prevents our major friends from these happenings. Time to wake up. All street pets and personal pets are to be respected and to be taken care of. 

This can not be achieved alone but with the efforts of all, we can make a long step, looking for your support, a single gesture of yours will create a big change. One life to be devoted to these creatures. BE THE REAL ANIMAL LOVER.