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Punish Christopher Columbus High School's prom for animal abuse

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During the 2018 Christopher Columbus High School's Prom, to compliment the theme of the prom ("Welcome to the Jungle"), they brought an encaged tiger, as well as birds, a lemur, two macaws, and an African fennec fox for the entertainment of the night. The animals, the tiger in particulate, showed severe distress signs in different footages which were spread online via various social media platforms and journals. ( )

We want this high school to release public apologies and pay for the animal abuse they cause, putting these distressed animals in a degrading position. We want to make the animal rights respected, and this case is the perfect example in which animal rights appear to be yet again ignored, without even facing a lawsuit.
Following the American Legislation and the Animal Welfare Act (AWL) written in 1966, animals require minimum standards of care and treatment provided for them when for commercial sale, used in research, transported commercially, or exhibited to the public.

We believe the conditions in which the animals were presented were degrading, and their use as a Prom entertainment is already in itself wrong and outrageous.
So today, take action so that This High School releases public apologies and donate to PETA to make the animals rights progress.
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