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Please Help End Walmart's Beta Abuse!

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My son and I went to Walmart (O'Fallon, IL) yesterday and were shocked to find 8 Beta fish so neglected that they were left to suffer and die. Only 5 were still alive (barely) and one had been dead for so long it had disintegrated, leaving the water brown. All of the cups that they were in had about an inch of water in them, most not enough to swim in. My son was in tears and together we took a Beta water bottle from the shelf to fill them, which is when we realized many were already dead. All had fin rot and tears, lost their color and were suffering. I had to help my son calm down from seeing the death and abuse display and was infuriated. These fish were placed on the shelf and left to suffer and die if not purchased. I can't imagine Beta sales bring in much money as it is for Walmart so why in the world do this? Why sell them??! I went to the customer service desk and showed them my receipt proving I purchased the water myself and told them how traumatic and inexcusable it was. The lady did not seem to care and just said she'll let them know they need to "clean up the shelf". I then asked to see the store manager and was told he had the day off and that they did not have a number to reach him. I called later that afternoon and was told he was in but running errands for a few hours and would be back after 2. I proceeded to call Walmart corporate and filed a complaint. Later, I called the store back to speak with the store manager and after two attempts of more than 10 minute holds each, I called a third time asking if he was going to come to the phone or would it be better if I come in person and the employee stated the following, "Ma'am, to be honest, he doesn't answer customer phone calls so it would probably be better to just come in." I called corporate back and filed this complaint as well. I was told the store managers are required to respond to these complaints and to the customer who filed them immediately. I have yet to hear from this manager and it has now been a full day and a half. This is cruel, not only to the fish but to the innocent children and animal lovers who have to see it. I did some research and can see that many complaints of this exact issue have been made over several years against Walmart stores but not enough people care to take the time to put forth a signature or a call to stop it and it just continues on and on. So, I ask you to please help me stop this once and for all-if not for the fish, for the children. Help me help my son see that people are good and will stand up for protecting others (animals and all living creatures included) who cannot stand up for themselves and make a lasting positive lesson of this traumatic experience. Please call Walmart corporate to file a complaint and go to your nearest Walmart and check out the Beta fish there. If they are not treated properly, take a picture, post it, file a complaint, tell the store manager, and/or sign this petition that you will not purchase anything from the Walmart pet center department until beta sales end. I am a mom and understand it is irrational to ask one to stop buying from Walmart all together but stopping support of the animal center is easily done and will effect them enough to do something about it. For those of you willing to take a moment out of your day for the greater good, thank you so very much! It only takes a moment of willingness to produce change.

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