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Pit bulls are NOT monsters!

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For to long Pit Bulls have been looked at as a viscous beast that are waiting for the chance to attack for no reason, and this couldn't be further from the truth. I have a Pit Bull currently and he is the biggest lap dog you would love to meet. My daughter who is 6 plays dress up with him, my son who is 3 snuggles with him during movie night. He gets excited when new people come over because he loves new people. Pups(his name) has been in my family for almost 3 years and he has never once shown any aggressive behavior. Pups has never harmed anything and just wants to play and get belly rubs. He snuggles with the kids when they don't feel good. He snuggles with me when he hears thunder. He loves to to be picked up and hugged. He is a big ball of love because he was raised right. My family didn't teach him to be aggressive. I don't even think he could be if he tried. Recently me and my family was looking to move to a bigger house but we was shut down by many places because of pups. Even though he is house trained, isn't hyper and doesn't bark and would be the perfect candidate for a house, he is rejected because he is a Pit. I know pups isn't the only dog on the "aggressive list" that is just a loving and caring part of a family, and I know my family isn't the only ones rejected on homes because of the type a fur child we have. These fur babies are our family. We raised them right, they are the furthest thing from aggressive but it doesn't matter because one bad Apple spoils the bunch.

New laws need to be made, I personally am willing to have pups go through some type of course to have that aggressive label removed from him. We shouldn't have to choose between a better home or our beloved pets.

Any animal can be raised to be aggressive and viscous, but not all animals are on a viscous list. Why are certain animals discriminated against even though they are not what some people see them as. It is not fair.

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