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Plant-based food at animal sanctuaries/Safari/Zoos etc . Why love one then eat another.

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I Love Animals. We all love animals right?
If you go somewhere to see animals because they bring that fuzzy warm feeling to your heart, then I know that you truly would never want an animal hurt. They have thoughts, feelings and they are all individual little souls wanting to live their lives as happily as possible just like everyone does. 

Sadly, people are taught at birth and have instilled within them that animals are consumed at times, loved at other times. This pushes down our basic instinct from childhood to do no harm to any animal ( No child would lunge to eat a rabbit and play with an apple)  The type of animal deemed acceptable to eat, varies from country to country. Where one animal is adored, it may be the delicacy in another. Where one species is protected and seen as a beautiful individual, it may be seen as an object in a different culture, believing they have no individuality and are all the same.

I am sure you can see that this contradiction simply proves that animals are all individuals, it is just whether people want to see this, because it can hurt to know what you have contributed to. 

Luckily. It is never too late to do the right thing, even if you do not feel attached to all animals, because you were raised to view them as food, you can simply respect the truth that they value life as equally as the animals you do connect with. 

This is where my belief comes in that all places which have animals being looked after and people pay to see them, should not then contradict it's business value of loving animals by having them killed and snacked on .

Serve Plant based food where people go to love animals. Get peoples morals and actions aligned. Make the connection. 

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