One house one stray

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Animals are an integral part of our society. Right from the dawn of civilization, they have played a vital part in our lives. We depend on them for so many of our needs and likewise they depend on us to take care and provide for them.

      We humans, over the years have become so self centered that we only care for our needs. These voiceless souls have no one left to defend or provide for them. The rampant explosion of strays specially dogs all over India is a known fact.

    It is our governments failure and also our failure in making sure that ABC ( sterilization) is carried out regularly and systematically. Due to its non compliance these animals are suffering. They have no source of income to buy food or shelter, it is our fundamental duty to support them. I propose the idea of #Onehouseonestray ( one house one stray). If each of us take care of one stray, making sure they are vaccinated and sterilized, than this pitiable condition of strays can be checked. Also I propose developing a website on which people can register their colony strays for sterilization and vaccination. Which in turn will share base with ngos performing free sterilizations in different cities.

     I need the government to support me in my efforts to bring about this well structured way of dealing with stray population and also need people to understand that it is a two- way process.

   Communities/ societies/ individuals have to forge a bond with the government, where each and every contribution makes a difference. If we take the responsibility of just one stray each and the government supports us with sterilization, i think the world will be more healthier and happy space for all.

    Lets pledge to save lives by adopting one stray and making sure it is vaccinated and sterilized.