Make it compulsory to have microchip scanners in transit when collecting our animals

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I am petitioning to make it law that anyone employed to collect an animal whether alive or deceased from the roadside should have to carry with them a microchip scanner, and have refrigeration facilities in their vehicles, so that the animal can be kept in one place until collected by their owners/families. It is an injustice to us (as pet owners) to be pressured to have our animals microchipped, and then not be  able to locate them when they are fatally injured, resulting in being unable to have them home because of inconsiderate actions and lack of equipment; that costs just £40 each scanner to buy! 

This is my story and why I am petitioning for this; 

On Monday 26th June around 8:15am my beloved cat; Mini, was involved in a road accident and sadly passed away at the roadside from his injuries. He was 2 years old and the kitten of our female cat, Elmo. We named him Mini because he was a little mini me version of his mum. I had posted on fb to announce that he hadn't come home that morning as usual and received several responses from my local community that a cat matching Mini's description had been collected by the local council; Bolton Council.

I immediately rang them (which by witness reports, made it 3 hours after Mini's accident) and was informed they had no record of collecting my cat. I rang vets, RSPCA, environmental health, Animal Trust...who all offered their condolences but unfortunately confirmed they hadn't collected Mini either. By Wednesday morning, and hearing from witnesses that they definitely witnessed Bolton council collect Mini, I was getting frustrated! I decided to email Bolton Council direct with my querie. And this is the response I received;

Hello Ms Hesford,

Our normal policy on picking up dead cats or dogs is to take them to Bolton Destitute Animal centre where they can be checked for a microchip and the owner contacted. We do have a record of picking up a cat matching this description which was taken to the destitute animal centre at the time. Unfortunately the centre was closed and as our vehicles have no hygienic way of storing dead animals our team had no option other than to dispose of the body along at the Raikes Lane municipal waste site.

We are sorry not to be of any further assistance.


Nigel Hartley

Neighbourhood Services
Department of Place
Bolton Council

:-(. Absolutely heartbroken and disgusted that our family pet, who myself, husband and children watched born into the world was not only taken away  from us too early in a tragic accident, but that people designated to collect and return him back to his family, literally chucked him out with the rubbish, and respond in such an insensitive way! 

I emailed Nigel back, and haven't received any further response. I then posted the insensitive response on Facebook with a promise to take this further, and received an email from a Bolton Animal Destitute Shelter employee stating that what the council had sent wasn't true, that although they are open to the public at 11:30am they are available to scan microchips and contact owners from 8:30am; and that the council know this. 

So somewhere along the line; someone got lazy because they couldn't/wouldn't locate a scanner.

However I believe that if they had access to these on site of the animal; I could have had Mini home within the hour. He was minutes away from our home, yet driven 3 miles away to be dumped at the tip. Surely this would have saved a lot more time to have brought him home had they scanned him there and then. 

Please sign this petition, not just for Mini but for your own cat, dog or family pet that we (as pet owners) are encouraged to monitor with use of microchips, you never know if this will be you one day! I hope to god it's not, and so this is my way of stopping it happening again. PLEASE SIGN 


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