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Make it illegal to have your dog in the front seat of any moterized vehicle.

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People allow there dogs to sit in the front seat with them. Even hang out there windows. This poses a safety hazard to the animal and can put it's life at risk. While we have laws that restrict a child from being in the front seat we do not for dogs. As you know it is a danger to be in the feont seat and under 120 pounds and under the hieght specific height guidlines. Why? Because in the event of a crash it can be fatal. Yet knowing this we allow our pets in the front seat whom do not meet those guidelines. So we are putting there lives at risk. A rescue dog named Shaggy was in this situation. In 2016 his owners were in a car accident.  He was in the front seat. Shaggy died on impact. The horror this family went through is un measureable. You would not wish this on your self or others. No one wants to go through this. So whay do we still keap our furry friends up front? We dont know the dangers. It is that simple. People nead to be made aware of the dangers it poses and we need a law in place to keap our animals safe from this fate.

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