'Local Paw-truck' to provide pet-friendly food to animals within your locality everyday.

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According to a 2016 report by The Washington Post, there were at least 30 million stray dogs in India, and the numbers have only increased in last couple of years.  As the spread of Covid 19 continues to grow globally, it's becoming even more concerning for the street animals, especially dogs and cats, that remain unfed and are starving. Their only source of survival has largely been wiping out dumped food in garbages or on roads and being fed off the local kind-hearted samaritans. 

Being an animal lover, it's very upsetting to witness these innocent lives become a victim of this catastrophe. The Covid-19 is only one such obvious global situation and/or crisis before us right now but there are many other local hurdles when it comes to providing basic food to the street animals. 

This petition is a humble plea to all animal lovers, animal-welfare organizations and general public at large to spread awareness to raise funds, within each locality/area in every city, to provide pet-friendly food and care to street animals around you. 

An example of taking this initiative is forming clusters of 'Animal Committees' within each area and dividing into zones to share this responsibility and taking charge. Each group can have 1-2 members lead the front line operations to collect funds on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis, select local pet-food vendors for sourcing and finally distributing the food to your local street animals can be undertaken by all volunteers/ members of the group. 

But in order to ensure that the help is proper, it's important to know some basic Do's and Don'ts of feeding strays. Here, I have compiled some, after talking to caregivers and people who work for them.


Stay Pawsome :)

Look forward to your kind support to give street animals a better life. 

Thank you very much for going through this petition.