Justice for the 5 new born puppies who were burnt alive at Andaman Islands

Justice for the 5 new born puppies who were burnt alive at Andaman Islands

3 June 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Vaibhav Singh


This petition aim is to get justice for the puppies burnt alive at Andaman islands. It is claimed by many reports in social media that a group of doctors are involved in this( as suspected not confirmed police is investigating still) . We demand strict punishment for those criminals. Animal abuse is rising to it peak every hour in our country, India. 


As published in social media the below is the news cutting. Police is investigating the case lets hope criminals are found and punished



Dogs have been time immemorial a very faithful friend of humans and has been aiding humans in their day to day life in various forms. The flora and fauna; in fact are inseparable from human beings, they being a part of the mother nature.
But, what to say, when we seldom come across some heinous and gruesome atrocities when done on the animals, by the human folks.
One such incident occurred at the Teal house of Delanipur, Port Blair, A&N Islands; wherein as per authentic information received from reliable source, some of the resident doctors staying at Teal house burnt alive 05 Nos.of newly born puppies to death in front of their mother. Their mother doggie, in the struggle to save them, survived with injuries.
Such inhumane attrocities are intolerable in a civilised society; that too by the highly educated doctors; who are rather known, as saver of life, next to the God.
Upon the complaint to the President, PFA(Andaman Unit) by one of their associates, Mrs Zarina Nikhat met the SHO, Chatham PS and submitted a letter to file an FIR.
I am afraid, if the Police delays in their affairs here on, the most impt. evidence of the burried Puppies, whose Post Mortum is yet to be done may be destroyed.
Hope the Law will take its own course promptly by not evading from their responsibility ethically and morally; besides on a transparent basis. Says Mrs Zarina.
Burning live puppies are one of the gruesome act, for which there must be zero tolerance by a civilised society..Let us all together raise voice for the justice of voiceless innocents, who too without any prejudice have the same and equal right on the earth to live

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Signatures: 680Next Goal: 1,000
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