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Investigate Greenbrier Pet Crematory for Cruel Disposal of Animals!

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Last week, my family and I had euthanized our elderly dog. We scheduled an appointment with a local animal/pet crematory, Greenbrier Memory Gardens in Apopka, Florida. We were recommended there by our vet, who had told us she had her pets cremated there also, so my mother had trusted her when placing our dog in their care. My family wanted to be there when he was being cremated, to ensure that we were getting our dog, not another person's animal. You can never be too sure nowadays.

The night before our appointment/viewing, we wanted to research into this facility to see if they were authentic and trustworthy. We looked at several different social media sites including Google reviews, Yelp, Fazcebook, etc. and saw they had an average rating. However, after reading all of their negative reviews, we were extremely heartbroken.

All of the negative reviews had similar stories, and almost all were by people who wanted a viewing of the cremation process. On the other hand, all of the positive reviews were by people who had simply dropped their pets off to be cremated, and picked them up at a later time. The reviews of the people who wanted viewings described being taken into a different waiting/office and were told that their pet had mistakenly already been cremated or some other excuse that didn't add up, and therefore they would not be able to view the process. One account even described seeing two men in a "restricted" area on their premises tossing deceased animals from one truck to another. Now to get on with our experience..

Because our dog was already transferred there the week before when we had put him down, we couldn't change crematories until we got there. So, we arrived the next day and went inside. We were greeted by a young lady who took us to what appeared to be an office and told us that someone would be with us shortly, and my family was already suspicious- as this is what happened to what everyone else who wanted viewings had written in the reviews. A woman came in the room about a minute later and told us to sit down, that she had "very disturbing news". She told us that Lakota, our dog, had accidentally already been cremated and his 'ashes' were being sent back to our vet. We were speechless and shocked, our earlier suspicions becoming a reality. My mother immediately called crap and told her of the other reviews she had, and that this is exactly what they described happened to them. The woman didn't look any of us in the eye and responded with a uncaring, "mhm..." while staring at the desk with a blank expression. We called her out, and told her that we knew it wouldn't be the ashes of Lakota that we would be receiving, and that we would go to the media. After that, we left without another word. We went directly to the police station, who told us it was something that animal control had to look into.

When you put the pieces together, it adds up to something very wrong and strange. This business  has most likely communally cremated our beloved pets . Not only is that fraudulent, it's just plain cruel. It dishonors and disrespects the animals who have passed away. Our Lakota didn't deserve thus, and neither did all of the ther pets Greenbrier has been responsible for. The only way we can save prevent this happening to more families and their pets is to SHUT DOWN AND INVESTIGATE GREENBRIER. Please, sign to bring these criminals and animal abusers to justice!

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