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Well we all hope in life to have things and move forward and knot end up in any gutter like animals .as we are a breed like other animals .were humans and it's tuff out there .there is some with addiction and got help .and there are some that lost everything .like the fire in fort mac Murry and don't have addiction .just lost .and some with mental problems .were humands and some of us can not work and some can work .shelters are overflowing .some times .or not enough of stuff .or you can't get in .I no what it's like to sleep outside in 40below winter weather .freezing and hungery.we need to build a team or a buy all grey hound buses and convert them into campers .that can sleep three or for people or buy grey hound station each city or town and make mini rooms and kitchen and  bathrooms have restraunts in them .and let it build buy it's self .I got hundreds of ideas and so do thousands of homeless people .ask them when you see them .you just might make there day bye say hi and asking them what you thing would be a better way for homeless people and living  quarter .any one can go down that path.have some soul.

       Thank you