Free animals from zoo because if someone will keep you in cage how will you feel???

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Animals have been kept in cage in Zoos for a long time since how many years many of us don't know.Only for human beings to see and entertain themselves on weekends or to entertain their children's for going on picnic in a Zoo, it's not right that animals should be kept in a small cage.

What crime they have committed because of which they have to be in small cage but not where they deserve to be, in a Jungle or atleast national parks. I urge everyone to understand this thing and think if we were kept in a cage like those animals can we live,can we survive ? Only those animals who can live in a particular small area likes zoo should be kept remaining all should be sent to National parks of india.

Free them and send them to National park this is the purpose of this petition.

No matter what cost it takes even if zoo needs to be closed.