Every animal deserves a second chance.

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Today, a good friend of mine told me that his brother went to the shelter to have his dog put down. His brother opened his front door and Nova, the dog, tried to go out. When he attempted to stop her, she supposedly “attacked” him, but she didn’t really do any damage. After that happened he took her back to the shelter and told them she attacked him for no reason and she was put to sleep. He only had Nova for THREE days and didn’t even attempt to train her. Nova was like any other dog, she’d do tricks, play fetch and ball, she was a good dog.  Animal shelters shouldn’t put dogs like Nova to sleep just to “solve” the problem. All animals deserve a second chance and Nova was done wrong because she had an owner that didn’t know what he was doing. It should be taken into serious consideration before putting a dog to sleep based off what a person claims happened and animals shouldn’t be put into homes where people can’t truly care for them. It will be better for all future dogs in Nova’s situation if we find a solution to this wrong doing.