End wet markets in China and around the world.

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Historically, wet markets in China have proved to be a breeding ground for highly infectious zoonotic diseases. Most notably and recently being the Covid-19 outbreak which has claimed the lives of thousands of people globally, and has also put the global economy at risk. We know the effects of a pandemic now. China has acknowledged it needs to bring its lucrative wildlife industry under control if it is to prevent another global pandemic. We need to petition for a complete ban on wet markets AND the illegal exotic animal trade where SARS in 2003 also originated from, just like the coronavirus which originated from wet markets in Wuhan. China is focusing on banning wet markets which is a great step but we want to ensure they ban the consumption of exotic animals as well as the illegal trade of exotic animals. Please sign this petition, it costs  nothing to stand up for a cause that can prevent future harm to the world.