Do not harm the innocents. They cant fight for their justice

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Many of us are aware of the mistreatment going on with all the animals out there. Even if the laws have been created for the animals but people aren't afraid of breaking that laws because there is no one to make an FIR for the innocents. There comes a time when a person wants to help animals but just because the person doesn't know what is the right thing he/she can do for the innocents he/she just left the situation where it was or we can say he doesn't care much as it is not affecting his own personal life.

Its a request to all animal saving organisation and my govt to ensure that animals are safe and to make more strict laws against animal harrasment. 

there are many male calves who has been just thrown out right after their birth because they cant provide milk to keep continue the business, Dogs have been mistreated way before. Its too tough to survive amongst all other stray dogs yet people wont miss the chance to show their brutalness towards these animals,some throw hot oil on their body some throw harmful chemicals. And many of us just randomly hit them with stone without caring how it may harm him for life.

In actual the people need to be aware more than any organisation,be the person who stands for goodness do not wait for others to take the action. I know its not always dafe for yourself to let the stray dog just roam around, if you find any stray dog who may cause harm  please inform the animal shelter,or animal saving organisation near you. They will provide the neccesary vaccine or treatment. You live happily and Let them live happily.