Close a company for experiment with dogs

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Okay, then I will explain what iniatiative i'm talking for it.

Our initiative is to make the people take care of the rights of dogs.

They are loyal and the people don’t know it, they are damaging the dogs with their violence. The people don’t take care of them because they are busy with other things like technology.

We chose to follow this initiative because we want to make a happy place to live for them, we are raising money of the people of a community to build a dog’s house that allows dogs to live without problems. They will have food, water and a daily shower.

Okay now i'm going to talk about the problem that we're solving in our country.

The person who told us about this problem, listened some noises from a fabric near to his house. He tried to see the backyard of the fabric and he saw some dogs with deep wounds and bumps in legs and body. Some of the dogs couldn't walk from the issues.

We're collecting signatures for have a support for an impeachment against this company.

In this case it would help to be treated with medicines and in the better case they would be adopted