Ban Tiktok for promoting animal abuse, cultural degradation, cyber bullying and violence

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It is true that the coronavirus pandemic has most of us cooped up in our houses, finding ways to deal with our boredom. It is not a surprise that most people resort to apps to kill their boredom, Tiktok being the most downloaded app worldwide. Tiktok, an app that has gathered so much attention mostly for all the wrong reasons is another 'pan-demic' that if not acted upon soon, will be responsible for everything gone wrong with the society and the world.

First of all- Tiktok isn't a platform to showcase your so called 'Talent'. Abusing and killing animals for fun, hate and violence against a few religious sects, encouraging domestic violence,uploading sexually explicit content, supporting rape culture, cyber bullying are only among other activities that Tiktok has managed to engage the so called youth into. If that is your talent, you don't need an app, you need psychotherapy with a straight jacket and a chemical lobotomy!!

41 percent of TikTok users are aged between 16 and 24 (Globalwebindex, 2019). The youth- who are the future of the country, who should be developing skills and learn to be a better human being at the least, are going to be the end of humanity. 

In 2019 alone (as of November 2019), India was responsible for 277.6 million downloads, which make up almost half (45 percent) of the number of downloads in the entire year (Sensor Tower, 2019). This is also 60 percent of the total number of downloads in India. In other words, six out of every ten downloads of the TikTok app in India took place in 2019. When it comes to the daily time spent on TikTok, users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the app. And China(who created tiktok) is still far behind in the number of downloads in comparison to India

While it is great to see people use digital platforms, the flip-side is scary! TikTok has become the hotbed of abusive, sexist, and provocative content that sometimes includes children. Just recently, some TikTok users shared content that depicted and ‘implicitly’ provoked acid attacks on women post a breakup. A few more videos of tying helpless dogs and throwing them into the river surfaced. As psychologists agree- People who are capable of inflicting torture and abusing animals are sociopaths and psychopaths who are budding criminals and are very much capable of heinous crimes against human beings.

And all it takes is a 15-second video for a person to become an internet sensation. The power to make change for the better is defeated when people like these are empowered by useless apps as these to be seen and heard when they don't even deserve to be called a human being. 

Is this the kind of world we want to live in or raise our children in? Is 15 seconds of fame worth ending the life of a helpless, voiceless soul?

Support my cause and lets put a end to this menace called Tiktok.






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