Ban Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls

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The Island with Bear Grylls and Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls should be banned. If it wasn't for the show animals on the show wouldn't be getting slaughtered, the people they have on these shows are not supposed to be there in the animals home and if they wasn't many animals they kill would still be alive. They do not die quickly either they have inexperienced celebrities butchering them for food when really they're rich they don't have to go on this show, yet they do for what? More money, they don't even think of the animals they are killing just as long as they get paid. These people including Bear Grylls the most guilty culprit for this are invading the animals home FOR NO REASON and murdeirng them, the animals haven't done anything wrong they were peacefully living their life not harming any humans. Yet once again animals are killed by humans for entertainment, it's sickening.