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Petitioning The President of the United States

People for Peace Urge Pres. Obama to Immediately End All Hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

People for Peace want a grassroots movement to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Immediately.  These conflicts are immoral, unjustified and counter-productive.  We do not want America's children to continue being used as fodder for our aggressions, nor do we want innocent civilians to be killed and lives shattered.  If the huge amouns of money spent on these wars are recycled to fund our urgent domestic needs, we can begin to solve the problems of joblessness, inadequate health care, poor education and all the other desperate problems facing the U.S.  The vast majority of Americans want these hostilities ended immediately. If we unite in a large mass, we can STOP THE WARS.  Join me! 

Letter to
The President of the United States
We People of Peace urge you to cease hostilities and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and bring all our troops and weapons of war home immediately.

You will not solve our economic disasters until the money wasted on these useless and unjustified wars is returned to our domestic needs. Beyond the economics, however, we mourn the loss of lives of America's military children, as well as the shattered and lost civilian lives caught up in our aggressions.

We must stop killing our nation's children in wars that profit nothing or noone other than arms merchants and corporate thirst for oil. Please, Mr. President, STOP THE KILLING AND END OUR WARS...NOW!!