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Fix darts

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There ok but its hard for when theres a wheelchair in and there picking up people with walkers and cans because they have to step over the wheelchair stuff and if the wheelchair gets off before the people in the back have ether get off or the wheelchair has to try really hard not hit thier feet witch is hard because not a lot room

The buses are good they can fit up to 4 wheelchairs and a good amount of seats for people not in wheelchairs ive been told there getting ride of the big buses but there better for group bookings because with the new vans i went to a event and because there smaller and cant hold as much people the driver went same place 5 times for pick ups and drop offs to were they need to go and with the bus they have to be filled up once a week and with new vans they have to be filled every day they say there saving money this way but to what i heard there not.

New vans
Ok so darts getting this to replace the buses but there a lot smaller and only hold up to 2 wheelchairs and there seats but there harder to get to because there on the sides of were a wheelchair goes so there ether have to clim over the wheelchair or go over a step and for some thats hard for them to do ive heard darts drivers say the people cry because they cant do it but they rely on darts to get around so its not fair to them also with the vans the drivers have to plan who gets off first because there two ramps to the van but power chairs have harder time doing that

Lots people have tried calling the city but there not listening to the drivers or people that rely on darts and darts drivers arnt happy

So im hoping to get more support and people that feel the same way

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