April 28, 2020
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Started by OHIAS (Our Health Is At Stake)

The COVID-19 pandemic and our persistence to exploit and burn fossil fuels are extreme life and health threats. Yet, they are simply the tip of our iceberg (#ouriceberg), as there are many human threats, and some are far more unjust, unhealthy, and deadly. Our greatest threat is us, our numbers, and especially how we live (the developed world) with one another and planet, largely divided, unjust, unhealthy, and deadly, all for the greatest benefit of the wealthiest people, corporations, and nations, who hold all the money and power.

Because of our numbers and how we live, our planet’s life and finite life-sustaining natural capacity are declining faster than at any time in 65 million years. We have known this for some time, as we were warned by leading scientists from around our world nearly three decades ago, that we are on a collision course with our natural world. They urged fundamental (human) change. Since that first warning, we've seen no urgency like what's required to address our many human threats. What we have experienced since then is continued division, injustice, and far greater destruction led by the wealthiest and most influential people, businesses, politicians, and nations. They have shown themselves as caring little regarding our children's future health and justice. They are the leaders of today's adult (great) denial, as they are determined to continue their focus on the growth and profits of a few before the health and justice of all people and planet. Their denial is contagious, and they have a vast following believing their falsehoods, that money, technology, and government will save them and all their stuff and travel they live for and love.

Our continuing denial is what our children fear most and is why they came together as one striking school, as they all see the same future clearly, one far more unjust and deadlier than today. All they want is a just and healthy future. They dream of a global urgency like none ever before. Their movement led by Greta Thunberg and many other courageous youths is becoming one in solidarity with all those denied health and justice our world over. They are all calling us out to end our denial and begin living responsibly as we know we should.

If we continue to ignore (deny) the warnings and fail to act responsibly as our children say we are, what does this tell us about ourselves and what we value most? It tells us that our children's future health and justice is not foremost in our lives. If their future were first, we would not be in denial, and we would be well on our way toward eliminating our worst human threats.

It's time to change how we live with one another and planet and stand with our children and all denied as ONE, making the health and justice of all life and planet first in our lives, before politics and profit. Remaining divided and waiting any longer, we will never resolve any of our deadliest human threats in the very little time we have to save our children's future.

Imagine the possibilities for all life and planet, one far more beautiful (just and healthy) than today assured!

Your love and courage for standing with them, and all life and planet will mean the world to them. They will forever be proud and grateful to you!

Please add your name to this petition, for the sake of all our children and all to come.

Thank you
Bill Callahan, Founder OHIAS — OUR HEALTH IS AT STAKE
P.S. My hope is this message draws us together, and we all embrace fundamental human change as urged by scientists in 1992, and 2017. Regardless of how impossible this might sound, we can and will succeed if we do it to save our dying planet, for our children’s sake.

My background story regarding this petition.
Hello, my name is Bill Callahan. I'm the author of this petition. Here following are a few life experiences that drove me to this point in time to produce this petition.
Sixty-seven years ago, in 1952, I was seven years old when the world's first thermonuclear weapon, the hydrogen bomb, was detonated on Eniwetok atoll in the Pacific. Sometime around that event, I had a horrific nightmare where our planet had become more like some lifeless alien planet. As I grew and listened to world news reports, many would confirm my worst fear, that we were moving quickly toward a world far more unjust and deadly than today if we fail to change how we live with one another and planet.
In 2011, I became the founder of OHIAS, which stands for Our Health Is At Stake. I had become convinced that humanity was fast on its' way to destroying our living planet because few were listening to the dire warnings from scientists around our world.
I'm encouraged and grateful today by our youth for their courage, striking school, demanding that we adults listen up and address their future needs today. This petition is all about supporting them, and all denied health and justice our world over. Again, please stand with them, thank you!

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