Doctors in the wrong?

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I, myself am currently battling a chronic health condition consisting of chronic pain and IBS as a diagnosis of exclusion but still cannot find out what is actually wrong with me. IBS is not the official diagnosis. I am only a teenager but have had this condition since february 2017 when I first starting noticing symptoms. I have been pronged and poked all over to find out whats wrong with various tests carried out. Throughout the whole journey doctors have always said it ‘in my head’. Which, is something I know for sure they say to many patients when they can’t find out the cause or a diagnosis. But have found evidence backing up that it’s not in my head causing me and surely many others to question their own symptoms, their own pain.  

But, as a young person it is hard to hear someone telling me it’s in my head when they are supposed to believe me and help me through this. Being told ‘its in your head’ surely not even as a child or as any person would have more impact on their mental health than they had before, which, they may or may not have had. If conditions, such as IBS sufferers have stress which play a big part towards a flare up, surely being told ‘it’s in your head’ makes symptoms worse?

Furthmore, chronic pain sufferers when entering A&E should recieve adequate pain relief and to not be shunned aside. 

I also have friend and family members of all ages who have been told the same phrase but there is evidently something wrong with them. 

All we want as patients is to be believed and not ignored. 

Doctors and any other medical health professionalists need to be aware of this. 

Let’s get their attention!

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