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Global Warming or Climate Change is the most danger environmental issue faced by us. Documentaries, newspapers, school books we read about it everywhere still we find that the condition of the Earth is worsening day by day. 

We,  the people fail to understand that this global warming in the end is affecting nothing but us. It has a negative influence on each and everyone of us. 

One the major effect caused by global warming is the effect on our health. The World Health Organization(WHO) estimates that 160,000 deaths, since 1950,  are directly attributable to global warming. Climate changes are also known to have psychological impact on human health. It also leads to dramatic increase in prevalence of variety of infectious diseases such as Malaria,  Dengue fever especially in rural areas. 

The people living the fast paced urban life don't pay much attention to the environmental problems as they fail to understand that that it infact affects their lives. Not does it affects their health but also things that are a part of their daily life routine, for example- Transportation,  climate change also harms the roads,  airport runways, pipelines as they are subjected to greater temperature variations. On the other hand  people living in rural areas have to face many major problems as well. As most of the rural population is of farmers,  they along other problems also face a major problem of destruction of crops due to climate change like sudden rains or hailstones.  

The objective of this petition is to take steps in order to make people realize the emergency and make them act upon this problem of global warming. A few WA in which in this can be achieved are listed below - 

1. TARGETED EFFORTS -  Environmental campaigns are most successful when targeted to specific groups or populations. For example,  Environment-friendly Appliances like hybrid cars,  energy-saving appliances,  solar panels etc. can be advertised and popularized by showing how much money can be saved by using these appliances amongst the people who don't pay much attention to environmental problems. 

2.  LOCAL OUTREACH - Local outreach is a very good step for increasing awareness in the rural areas. Language barriers, illiteracy,  cultural differences prevent rural population from learning about environmental issues. Community leader can help the NGOs and governmental organizations in educating people in environmental issues. Community leaders can help ease communication problems and bridge the cultural divide that often stands in the way of outreach efforts. 

Other than these many other steps can be taken in order to make a change for the betterment of the environmental conditions. So I appeal to all of you to sign this petition as our first step to the action. Let us all join hands and walk towards saving our Earth and saving ourselves.

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