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Removal of the Hamburg Massacre Monument in North Augusta, SC

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On the topic of the 'erasing history/learning from our past' bs: Our hometown, North Augusta, SC, has a monument dedicated to the Hamburg massacre. Originally only one person was honored: Thomas Meriwether, the only white supremacist that died when a mob of 200 white men attacked 40 black militiamen. This is no "reminder of history so we do not repeat it." This is glorifying white supremacy and lynching. Nothing else. If you are not disgusted by this, you are either racist, stupid, or both.

Recently they added a small memorial to the black victims, as they should, however they included Meriwether in that as well, equating him, a member of the lynch mob, to the victims.

As you can see in the pictures, the monument to racially motivated lynching is much larger and grander than the small plaque dedicated to all the people that died, again INCLUDING the white supremacist Meriwether.

Things like this do not belong anywhere. Not in public. They belong in a museum. There is an argument for the historical significance for some monuments. This, and many like it throughout the South, are not those and are nothing but hate trophies, glorifying actions and events we should be ashamed of.

The full text of all four sides of the McKie Meriwether monument reads:

"In Memory of Thomas McKie Meriwether Who on 8th July 1876, gave his life that the civilization builded by his fathers might be preserved for their childrens children unimpaired.

In youths glad morning the unfinished years of manhood stretching before him, with clear knowledge and courageous willingness, he accepted death and found forever the grateful remembrance of all who know high and generous service in the maintaining of those civic and social institutions which the men and women of his race had struggled through the centuries to establish in South Carolina. What more can a man do than to lay down his life.

In life he exemplified the highest ideal of Anglo-Saxon civilization. By his death he assured to the children of his beloved land the supremacy of that ideal. “As his flame of life was quenched, it lit the blaze of victory”

This memorial is erected to the young hero of the Hamburg Riot, by the state, under an act of the general assembly, with the aid of admiring friends."

This statue does not deserve to stand public amongst the masses. Please take the time to sign, and share so that my hometown may rid itself of such hatred and bigotry. 

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