Protect our Confederate Mothers Monument

Protect our Confederate Mothers Monument

June 25, 2020
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Why this petition matters

This petition is for the Texas side only there is another petition for the Arkansas side - The two petitions must remain separate. Texas residents only sign Texas and Arkansas only sign Arkansas. 

Our Confederate Mother’s monument is in danger of being removed! 
This chapter of the United Daughters of the confederacy has the Confederate Mother’s monument erected on April 21, 1918. 
It was designed by Henry Allen and constructed by Allen Monuments which is still in business this day. 
The two figures of the solider and the woman were obtained from Italy carved from Italian marble,  and thought to be the only confederate monument to include a woman in Texas. 
The confederate mother inscription reads as follows: 

O’ Great Confederate Mothers, We would print your names on monuments, that men may read them as the years go by and tribute pay to you, who bore and natured hero sons and gave them solace on that darkest hour, when they came home with broken swords and guns. 
The Confederate Soldiers reads as follows:

To Our Loyal Confederates 

This monument is for the mothers of these soldiers, the mothers that I am sure cried many tears sending their child into battle. For the mothers that also had to bury their sons afterward and for those that were never able to see them again. This monument in no way represents slavery. It is a monument for the grieving mothers of this tragic war and it is a part of history and a part of our town. Let’s keep this beautiful monument in its current state of beauty.
Please sign this petition so that we may keep this part of history erected in Texarkana for those that chose to enjoy it and it’s beauty and for the generations to come. 
Let’s be the louder voice and stand up for our history and keep our city intact. 
when signing the petition please include your name and city state you live 

Thank you and please share the more signatures we have the more it speaks to city hall that we do not want our monument removed 

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Signatures: 1,235Next Goal: 1,500
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