No insurance/ mediclaims fir disabled persons

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I request to sh. P. M. Modi ji,, Shri T. C gehlot ji, , respected sir, after the independence there are no any insurance policy/ mediclaims for the disabled persons, a big part of saving spending on their treatment, and who have no money, there life is like a hale, neither they live nor they get death, because mostly persons are effected by multiple disabilities, i e vision, hearing, autistic, cerebral policy, muscular dystrophy, down syndrome, etc, etc, and after the disability bill 2016,these are increased 7 to 21 disabilities, but no provision of medical, and unfortunately there are no "antodaya scheme" And udid disability card in Delhi till now. Mostly people is poor and can't afford the fees, medical, transportation, different types of facilities like physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychologist fees, and many others expenses, I request to all people and NGOs please support us and signed this petition, we written many mails letters, but no reply by them. Think and signed it's not for me perhaps lakhs of disabled people, which are suffering from disabilities, we will be great ful to all of you, it shows that disabled are different from normal people, and not do for disabled.