Justice for rape victims

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8 year old Ashifa Banu raped and murdered in cold blood for 8 days. Religion and politics apart, the safety of every Indian girl child is compromised her. We remained blind to everything. Somehow Rapists escape from the pain they deserve either through lifelong imprisonment or Death. We shouldn't let them die that easily. They must feel the pain and shame that their victims felt. They must know what "NO" means. They must wail and beg for death. They must be castrated and left alone to survive the society and face the wrath of the same. Indian Government should make strict rule for Sexual assault. So that from now on no one dares to even look at a girl in a wrong way, let alone touch her. Then only justice will be served for Ashifa and for all those sisters who lost their lives to such Inhuman barbarians. Join hands together as Indians and save the women of our country. Because even if it's terrifying to think about,it can happen in your house too.