Eradication of TERRORISM

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It’s not just one of the other times when this is happening. This should and has to be the last time. Do they think they can just get away with terrorism? We have to bring a change. This has got to stop.

Why aren’t there questions being raised about this? Where are the social activists at now? Why isn’t the army being given more ammunition,equipment and security?We have to get these answers.

Just because we aren’t a country that wants war,bloodshed,they cannot take our advantage. Just because we aren’t a country that attacks first,they cannot just barge in and commit an offence at such a high level. We wanted peace,but if they are going to act like this,we have to show them what a country we are,we have to give them an answer back so strong,that they won’t be able to think of doing such a thing again. It’s time to wake up and completely eradicate terrorism. If we unite,anything can become possible. If we work as one unit,they will have to bow down to us.If we don’t wake up at this stage,it is going to be too late. Today,1.25 billion people are enraged and why should’nt they be? This was an act of complete cowardness and this time we cant let them sit back in peace after what they have done. There has to be a boycott,but for that to happen,we need strength.if we can form a power so strong,they will CRUMBLE.

Even the army has family,even they have people who care about them. They have served the nation with nothing but commitment,determination,and pure passion for the Tricolour. Why do we sleep peacefully everyday? Just because they are there battling  through extreme conditions,protecting the border for us. They fight fearlessly day and night,and get this back in return? As responsible citizens it’s our responsibility to give back to them.We have to do it for them. It’s time to once and for all finish this. It’s pay back time now and it is utmost urgent.

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