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People against Trump's Executive Order on Immigration

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To all Citizens:

Taking the time to analyze every word on this order; we decided to share our findings with you so you can be aware and make others aware that what President Donald Trump is doing is not only morally wrong; but it is in fact unconstitutional. We sat down and broke this apart piece by piece to investigate what he based this order on: the US laws he cites, the authority, as well as the allocations to fund such a project. The reason for this investigation was to prove that we cannot just trust whatever comes out of someone’s mouth without fact checking and researching whether they even have the power to do so. Another reason is because we stand against discrimination based on the faulty information and previous prejudices you are about to witness in this reading. We stand together with all immigrants coming to this country to pursue the American Dream, just as most of our lives stories begin.
We are just trying to do our part as citizens of the US, in hopes that we can put a stop to these injustices and illegalities. You can do your part by informing the public and spreading the word around. We do not have to sit here and just resonate in the President’s orders to enlarge and enhance discrimination against different races & religions.
Please take the time to sign our petition to raise awareness to our local representatives, to show them that we are not going to be silenced nor will we ever sit idly by while such wrongs are being committed.
Also, please be aware that while this order focuses on the southern border, we also do not condone President Trump’s other immigration traveling bans that target countries with a majority of a Muslim population. We do not stand with any discrimination, no matter how much frightening rhetoric President Trump presses onto the public with notions of “safety”.
We cannot move forward if we stand divided. We must continue to fight against injustice and hate because no one deserves to feel like they do not matter or belong. We are a country of immigrants. We can't let hate penetrate into our lives and hearts. We can't portray ourselves as indifferent to crisis and suffering. That is not who we are as Americans and that is not who we strive to be as citizens of the world. Thank you for taking the time out to read our analysis.

Sincerely & Thoughtfully,
Leyana Quintero & Natalie Benavides

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