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Verbally & Physically Abuse Clams and other Sea Creatures

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Since the dawn of time, clams have always been utter trash animals. No one likes clams. Even if you asked a dinosaur if he liked clams, he'd tell you no he doesn't. Everyone that ever lived thought clams are stupid, unfashionable and an overall awful animal. Some people even think clams aren't even real animals.

You can clearly see this in the history books, where the great mind Arestotle said 'What the fuck is this clam bullshit', famous words later quotes by Roman senator and mystic Slorbus Stabbo, who called clams 'Stupid fucking sea idiots' and said he likes them as much as he likes not pillaging people's settlements, which he actually loved doing a lot. 

In recent times, people have forgotten how awful clams are and have started to enjoy clams, which as we all know is wrong because clams can't be trusted with money or your life. Clams are compulsive gamblers & drinkers who would waste your funding on hookers and blow anyway. So stop paying them.

We should take all the clams out of the sea and insult them until they drag themselves back in like the losers they are

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