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Return Penzance Harbour to the People of Penzance and District

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“The Penzance Harbour was given to Penzance for the benefit of the people of Penzance and it’s area. It still belongs to Penzance but has been “taken” under the control of the County Council who have in turn appointed an unelected and democratically unaccountable, Harbour Management Board for all of Cornwall
We these petitioners wish the Penzance Harbour to be returned to the democratic and accountable control of the people of Penzance to allow the Harbour among other matters to charge reasonable, affordable and fair harbour dues for small boats and users, and that these should be proportionally similar to that for large vessels such as the Scilly Isles Ferries and Cargo boats.
We believe that reasonable and affordable access to the sea, similar to the right to roam on land, should be for all.”

Reasons for this Petition:

The Penzance Harbour contains Class II star Heritage site. It is an ancient harbour built on the Holy Headland (Pen Sans) where they took bronze (Tin and Copper) to supply the the Bronze Age. It, I understand by Charter, was given to the Penzance Town for it’s peoples benefit and still, strictly, belongs to them.

However the harbour dues were collected in recent times by the District Council and the management was by the local harbour master and for the benefit of the people of Penzance. When the Cornwall Council became a unitary County Council without asking the people of Cornwall, it took ‘control’ of the Harbour and recently appointed a ‘Quango’ called the Harbour management Board that has no democratic accountability. It decided to manage all the Cornish harbours except privately owned ones.

Last year they decided to massively increase increase the harbour dues for small boats which enhance the harbour as a visitors site (at their own admittance). I some cases in the wet dock the dues were doubled and over the previous 5 years as much as 2000%. This is despite the fact that compared with the larger boats such as the Ferry and Cargo boats is is now more than 10 times their proportional Harbour fees. Please note: it is NOT a marina.

This is in and area of low incomes but I believe that that the right to reasonable access to the sea in this Island and particularly on this sea surrounded peninsular should be like the right to roam on the land, and thus as it was, affordable by all local people of modest or restricted means.

It has been reliably intimated to me that the Town Council would be in favour of taking over control and management of the Harbour it is NOT a marina. for the benefit of the town.

I am resigned to the forced losing of my small boat but still care about this wonderful harbour and town. I ask you to do so also.

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