Expand Parking at 3-Mile Beach, Penticton, BC

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Legal parking at 3-Mile currently includes 11 designated spaces in the main parking area and approximately 15 informal spaces along the dog beach just south of the main lot.

If parked illegally, there is room for approximately 6 - 8 additional vehicles near the legal parking as well as many more vehicles along the residential road as you approach the beach. A ticket for parking illegally is $40.

Okanagan Naturist Association (ONA) has observed growing use of 3-Mile beach. At one time the parking problem was mostly in July & August. More recently the problem has migrated into May, June & September.

The City of Penticton owns the large property closest to the parking lot. The ONA proposes some part of this property be re-developed as parking or another solution be found to solve the shortage of parking at 3-Mile.

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