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Pentalver Southampton: Sort out driver waiting times.

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Hi all please support my petition. For those of you that may not be aware who or what Pentalver Southampton is here is a brief description. 

Container haulage firms pick up loaded or empty containers from southampton docks either from D P World or Pentalver, Southampton then go to a destination around the UK and collect or deliver goods that you buy in shops or companies export out of the UK. 

 Once a truck has made a delivery the empty container has to go into storage ready for the next Container haulage firm to pick an empty container to be able to make a collection of goods to be exported around the world. 

 The main place in southampton that empty containers are dropped off and picked up is in Pentalver Southampton, so as you can imagine Pentalver Southampton is at the heart of Southampton's container haulage industry most container haulage firms will at some point have to go into Pentalver to exchange containers. 

 Over the past 4 to 5 months Pentalver Southampton turn around times for trucks has increased. Haulage firms can now have a driver or in most cases drivers sat in a queue from anything from 2 hours to 5 hours in some cases. 

 Haulage firms across the country have been struggling for years with the increasing running costs associated with running a haulage firm. 

 These turn around times in Pentalver are not helping small and large firms in Southampton with the cost of drivers wages sat in a queue and not on the road driving or missing collection or delivery times due to being stuck in the queue at Pentalver. 

 As a driver I am continually frustrated with the waiting times and as I am only one person I believe Pentalver would not listen to me and the small and medium size haulage firms will not speak out in fear of being side lined or worse. So I started this petition, I hope to get over 1000 signatures from drivers, transport managers, traffic operators, company owners or anyone that this affects so I can give it to the Company Director Christopher Lawrenson in the hope he will listen to the voice of many and make changes. 

 Please pass this petition on to anyone you think this affects. 


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