Boycott Aramco shares as long as Saudi women are denied basic rights

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Women in Saudi Arabia are denied everyday rights we take for granted elsewhere.

    -    Without the permission of a male guardian, they can’t  

  • get out of prison;
  • travel abroad;
  • get a passport;
  • get married.

    -    They can be denied jobs if their male guardians do not want them to work.

    -   They can be refused surgery/other medical help if their male guardians do not consent.

This is a shocking denial of human rights comparable to that suffered by black people in South Africa under Apartheid.

The Saudi Government plans to offer shares in its oil company, Aramco, for sale to the world at large. We should all refuse to buy Aramco shares as long as basic human rights for women in Saudi Arabia are at the whim of a male guardian.

Please sign this petition to tell pension funds, banks, and anyone else who manages our money, that we want the Saudi Government to end the repressive guardianship system before our funds are used to support them.

Thank you,

Support Saudi Women