Social Welfare

Social Welfare

7 September 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Abdhu Shaafi


The Honourable Prime Minister
Government of India
New Delhi

Respected Sir.

Sub: Pension for Income Tax Payers.

Definitely our Jawans who are protecting us from enemies are the the real heros of our Nation. Then comes the Income Tax Payers, who are contributing directly for the sustenance and development of our Nation.

They are hardly 1.5% of the population. Of which good percentage are Government employees and some are Corporate Companies. The remaing are the middle class self employed, doing various kind of business and sincerely, respectfully and with high integrity filing their Income Tax returns and paying taxes and leading a dignified life.

At some point of time, during their course of life, some has lost the track, may be due to illness, accidents, crisis in the family or in the market or natural calamities or displacement for development or due to reasons best known to them and beyond their control.

Now, may be they are living in their own apartment, villa or houses, but have no source of income even to pay their electricity bill, property tax or even for their daily living or for treatment. May be they were not apprending such situations and never made provisions for such a future.

Now, may be they are not in a position to earn any more due to old age or bad health or lack of capital or they are not in a position to ask anyone as it is below their dignity.

At this stage if the Government does not take care of the second warriours of our Nation, who else will do it.

Therefore, this is my appeal to our Prime Minister to iniate a scheme to protect such Citizens from such compelling situations. The following are my humble submission and suggestions.

1. Create a coffer by charging an additional cess on the Income Tax for this purpose or from the CSR funds of the Corporates.

2. Pay a monthly pension of Rs. 50,000 to all those who has paid Income Tax at least for Ten Years during their life time irrespective of the volume of tax they have paid, except to those who are already getting other pensions.

3. Include them in a free health insurance for all kind of illness at the best hospitals as they would have been getting it during their better part of life.

I am sure this will not burden the economy of the Nation and rather it will act as a motivation for others to come into the bracket of tax payers.

Hope you will direct the concerned to take necessary action to implement this and to call for application immediately for this benefit based on their PAN numbers.

Thanking you
Faithfully yours.

Abdhu Shaafi.

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Signatures: 68Next Goal: 100
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