Save Jamison Park

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Unbeknownst to many of the Penrith community, Penrith Council has been quietly working to sell off a parcel of land that makes up Jamison Park, located between Racecourse Road, Racecourse Place, Jamison Road and Mitchell Street, South Penrith to Endeavour Energy who intend to build a new electrical substation

In many ways Jamison Park is a hub for the Penrith Community. Our beautiful park with its open fields and plentiful trees was donated to the Penrith community as recreational land.

We are extremely concerned as the selling of this public land and the construction of a new substation will require South Penrith to be rezoned from low to medium density. As a medium density area, developers may act upon precedent, set by the construction of the substation, to develop further sites. Furthermore, this precedent may allow Penrith Council the opportunity to carve up more of Jamison Park and similar public spaces, to sell off at their discretion. This will directly impact not only the residents located near the proposed site, but ALL RESIDENTS within the Penrith community

By selling off this land and removing established shading trees to build a substation, Council will not only be wrongfully selling off PUBLIC recreational land, but also working against the Cooling Western Sydney Plan. As we all know, in the last few years Penrith has experienced sweltering summers with temperatures reaching up to 48 degrees. The council has identified that open spaces and trees are vital if we hope to cool Penrith.

As stated in their 2017-2021 Council Delivery Program "Penrith has been experiencing significant growth which acts to increase the impact of the urban heat island effect. The urban heat island effect occurs when development replaces natural land surfaces and vegetation with hard structures like roads, buildings and footpaths". Yet despite this, rather than planting more trees and preserving more green spaces, Penrith Council plans to assist in the demolition of our precious and limited green space in order to install more heat raising infrastructure

As the Penrith population and development increases, it is understood that there is a need for infrastructure. Our public parks however are NOT THE PLACE for electrical substations. We urgently request your support in the opposing of this site. We ask that Council listen to the community and terminate the sale to Endeavour Energy and seek further community consultation for a more suitable location