Safety development for roundabout at Bradley Street x Middleridge Drive, Glenmore Park

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Email sent to council 30/1/18: 

"I am just emailing following an incident this morning that resulted in a car accident between myself and another car at 7am. 
It took place in the roundabout between Bradley Street and Middleridge Drive in Glenmore Park (the one closest to Northern Road). I was turning right out of Middleridge Drive to head towards Northern Road, and someone going straight from Bradley Street pulled out right in front of me and hit me, not even looking to their right first or acknowledging that I was in the roundabout, at full speed (brakes wouldn't even had been pressed before entering the roundabout). If I did not swerve to the right into the roundabout to minimise the damage caused, the damage would have been alot worse, being a front-on collision rather than sides-on, and could have resulted in injury. Luckily I saw her. 

My husband and I were just saying recently how no one ever looks to their right to see if someone is coming from Middleridge, and usually just pull out in front of us. Countless times have we had to slam on our brakes or had near misses with cars from Bradley Street. Alot of the time, they are travelling so fast that they cannot stop. Although the speed limit on the road is 50kmph, people are always speeding at about 60/70kmph, rendering them unable to stop in time/thinking they can make it...

Both myself and the residents of Bradley Heights are urging that something be done to slow people down coming from Bradley Street and going straight to Northern Road, for the safety of ourselves and the children that also live in the estate.

A speed bump to slow people down on both sides of Bradley Street would probably be a good solution. As I said, it is lucky that the accident did not result in an injury today, and close-calls are a regularity and its probably only a matter of time where another accident occurs.

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