Rubbish bins for Bluehills Wetlands

Rubbish bins for Bluehills Wetlands

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Started by Teagan Meyer

Bluehills Wetlands, Glenmore Park, is a beautiful place for the community to enjoy. Many of us find joy in going for walks, engaging in painted rock drops, grabbing a coffee at Daily Break, having a picnic or throwing some snags on the BBQs.

Around the walk, there are multiple dog drop bag points but nowhere to dispose of them or our general rubbish. This has resulted in excess litter, sprawled throughout the gardens, along the paths and in the water.

Multiple local residents engage in rubbish collection during their walks to try and keep the area clean and safe for everyone to continue to enjoy. This is just one example of why our community is so great.

I am however, calling on the Penrith City Council and representatives to add multiple bins around the track to help minimise litter and to assist in keeping the wetlands as pristine as possible. Not only for us and our children, but also for the well-being of the local wildlife. 

In my opinion, there needs to be a bin added to the BBQ site, one next to each bench and perhaps one or two more around on the track.

Hopefully this will encourage people to dispose of their rubbish properly and in effect, keep our Wetlands looking it’s best! 

Please consider joining me in rallying the council for the addition of rubbish bins at Bluehills.

85 have signed. Let’s get to 100!